Help Your Employees Buy The Consumer Goods They Need

Paycheck Works provides a secure, customized online store where employees can shop for a wide range of name brand items, and can pay with payroll deductions from 6 paychecks.  

With no risk, you can help employees buy clothes, jewelry, household goods, and electronics; build their credit; and increase their loyalty to you as an employer.  


Help Your Employees

For people who don't want to use cash or credit, Paycheck Works is the purchase program that offers a better way to buy name brands.  It's easy to budget since manageable payments automatically come out of employees check in 6 equal installments.

No Additional Fees

There are no fees beyond the purchase, tax, and shipping.  No late fees, no annual fee.  No down payment is required; employees have the option to increase paycheck payments, pay with credit card, or mail additional payments.  The price is the same for cash (credit card) or payroll deduction.

All Inclusive Price

Employees know the total cost when they purchase – including taxes and delivery.  No payments strung out over several years, and no ballooning interest.

Extended warranties, upgrades and accessories are negotiated with our vendors and are available as product add-ons in the price.